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A De Luxe Apartment

# 8 in our catalogue

# 7  — A Terraced Duplex

# 9 — An Apartment for Rest


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  • Studio

  • 1st bedroom

  • 2nd bedroom

  • Bathroom and toilet facilities

Apartment details

Total area: 95 m²

2 bedrooms + a studio

€ 480,000

  • Frontal sea view
  • Author’s interior design
  • High-end furniture
  • Spacious rooms
  • Original lighting
  • Bar counter with stools
  • TV + surround sound
  • All household appliances

The fascinating beauty of the turquoise sea and the stretching-away horizon will greet your eyes from the balcony of this gorgeous de luxe apartment. Watching the ideally arranged world will soothe your heart and make your mood philosophical.

The interior decoration of your apartment will add to your feeling of harmony and zest for life. Above your head, there will be original hinged ceilings with in-built lighting elements, making the atmosphere in the apartment pleasant and rather intimate; under your feet, there will be parquet - a mere delight to step on.

The apartment is furnished with high-quality expensive furniture; it also has all household appliances and electronic devices the modern life is unthinkable without. The apartment features one more component, which has always been a symbol of home warmth, - a fireplace. Thanks to the in-built electric fireplace, you will always be surrounded by romantic ambience and cosiness there.

Additional information at request

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Turkey telephone: +90 533 478292

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