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An Oriental Fairy-Tale

# 21 in our catalogue

# 20 — A Swallow’s Nest

# 22 — A Glass Palace

€ 102,000

Residential compound details

  • Paddling-pool
  • Car parking
  • Finnish sauna

Buying an apartment in Antalya, you will present yourself with an opportunity to look at magnificent landscapes every day, breathing the reviviscent Mediterranean air. The local beauty is not only in the things created by nature but also by the objects which came to life through human labour. Modern residential compounds with nice multi-storey houses and landscaped space are an excellent proof to that.

This residential compound, just like all the like, has been built taken into account the daily living needs of the modern person. It provides every condition for comfortable and carefree life. In particular, it features a car parking which every tenant is free to use.

Additional information at request

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