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A Glass Palace

# 22 in our catalogue

# 21 — An Oriental Fairy-Tale

# 23 — A Pirate Bay


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  • Studio

  • Ground floor bedroom

  • First floor bedroom

  • Terrace

  • Bathroom and toilet facilities

Apartment details

Total area: 135 m²

3 bedrooms + a studio

€ 162,000

  • Panoramic view of the mountains and swimming-pool
  • Attic floor
  • Spacious terrace
  • Light studio
  • In-built closet

What should the dwelling-place of an inveterate romantic look like? Most probably, it should be located on the seashore of an exotic country; the very apartment should have lots of big windows – floor-to-ceiling, and one wall may be completely transparent – it would be so great to look at the world through it, with one’s eyes wide open! The attic bedroom must have a door to the spacious terrace where one could sit all night long, peering into the mysterious star world spreading out right above the head…

It is likely that the designers of this apartment are of a truly romantic nature because they have made all these terrific fantasies come true.

Additional information at request

Moscow telephone: +7 (495) 545 4703

Turkey telephone: +90 533 478292

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