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An Apartment in Konyaalti

124,800 S: 83 m² 2 bedrooms + a studio 0.6 km to sea

  • Professional interior design
  • In-built carcass furniture
  • Household appliances
  • Balcony
  • Magnificent panoramic view

This residential compound attracts customers not only by its proximity to the sea. You can spend your time in a most enjoyable and useful way without leaving the compound territory.

An Apartment in Konyaalti


A Glass Palace

162,000 S: 135 m² 3 bedrooms + a studio 0.7 km to sea

  • Panoramic view of the mountains and swimming-pool
  • Attic floor
  • Spacious terrace
  • Light studio
  • In-built closet

Turkey is the country which can satisfy the sophisticated taste of romantic persons. It has everything to give you relaxation and soul comfort: fascinating clean sea, fresh air, grand mountains, their peaks going far into the sky.

A Glass Palace


A Penthouse in Konyaalti

139,900 79,000 S: 107+14 m² 3 bedrooms + a studio 1 km to sea

Special offer! Apartment LUX with panoramic views of the mountains on the apartment price PREMIUM.

  • Exclusive interior design
  • Customized layout
  • Luxurious furniture and equipment all over the apartment
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Jacuzzi in the bathroom
  • Spectacular mountain view!
  • Terrace 14 m².

The residential compound is built on the coast of the Mediterranean, in a most picturesque district of Antalya – Konyaalti. Not far from the residential compound, there are shopping centres, bars and restaurant.

A Penthouse in Konyaalti


Sky with Diamonds

168,000 S: 135 m² 3 bedrooms + a studio 0.8 km to sea

  • Mountain view
  • Huge terrace with a barbeque zone
  • Stylish interior
  • Kitchen furniture unit
  • High-quality bathroom fitments
  • Telephone line

Thanks to its unique nature, the region of Konyaalti is one of the most popular among those who want to buy real estate in Turkey.

Sky with Diamonds


An Apartment in Kemer

186,000 S: 90 m² 2 bedrooms + a studio 0.4 km to sea

  • 400 m to the sea
  • Direct view of mountains
  • Facing the swimming-pool
  • Fully furnished
  • All necessary equipment
  • Alarm system installed
  • Satellite TV

Your own apartment in this residential compound is an ideal option if you like quiet rest. The compound features several two-storey houses cosily settled at the seaside.

An Apartment in Kemer


A Terraced Duplex

204,600 S: 160 m² 3 bedrooms + a studio 0.6 km to sea

  • Magnificent swimming-pool view
  • Really big duplex
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Big light bedrooms
  • Italian in-built kitchen
  • Spacious terrace

The compound is equipped with state-of-the art security systems, thus both adults and kids feel especially protected there, which means they are able to enjoy their leisure time quietly and undisturbedly

A Terraced Duplex


An Elite Apartment

228,000 S: 185 m² 3 bedrooms + a studio 0.5 km to sea

  • Big rooms
  • Partially furnished
  • Spacious kitchen
  • Panoramic windows
  • Swimming-pool view
  • 2 bathrooms

A definite advantage of buying your own apartment in this residential compound is its proximity to the sea and the superb beach. However, this compound has a lot of other advantages, thus it deserves special attention from the potential customers.

An Elite Apartment


A Penthouse in the Centre

240,000 S: 300 m² 5 bedrooms + 2 studio 2 km to sea

  • Over 300 sqm
  • Automatic roller blinds
  • Solar batteries
  • Natural wood staircase
  • Jacuzzi in the bathroom
  • Expensive kitchen furniture
  • 2 bathrooms with de luxe furniture
  • Terrace 10 sqm
  • Walk-in closet
  • Studio over 40 sqm

Why do most people buying an apartment in a city prefer downtown housing?

A Penthouse in the Centre


A Pirate Bay

384,000 S: 90 m² 2 bedrooms + a studio 0.02 km to sea

  • Expensive kitchen furniture
  • High-quality finishing
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Decorative ceiling
  • 20 m to the sea
  • In-built household appliances

The exclusive location on the rock makes this compound incredibly attractive for potential customers.

A Pirate Bay


A De Luxe Apartment

480,000 S: 95 m² 2 bedrooms + a studio Seaside

  • Frontal sea view
  • Author’s interior design
  • High-end furniture
  • Spacious rooms
  • Original lighting
  • Bar counter with stools
  • TV + surround sound
  • All household appliances

The house is located in an environmentally benign area, right on the seashore, surrounded by rocks.

A De Luxe Apartment

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