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Vanilla Sky

73,200 S: 70 m² 2 bedrooms + a studio 1 km to sea

  • Reasonable price
  • View of the Toros Mountains
  • Set of household appliances
  • In-built kitchen
  • High-quality bathroom fitments
  • Panoramic terrace

The compound is located within just 1 km from the sea, that’s why, if you are a fan of swimming in the sea, you will get to the beach without wasting time and effort.

Vanilla Sky


An Apartment of Your Dream

75,000 S: 54 m² 1 bedroom + a studio 0.6 km to sea

  • Fully furnished
  • Wonderful swimming-pool view
  • Convenient layout
  • Climate control system

Buying an apartment in this residential compound, you will not have to worry about your security – the place is protected 24 hours a day.

An Apartment of Your Dream


A Penthouse in Konyaalti

139,900 79,000 S: 107+14 m² 3 bedrooms + a studio 1 km to sea

Special offer! Apartment LUX with panoramic views of the mountains on the apartment price PREMIUM.

  • Exclusive interior design
  • Customized layout
  • Luxurious furniture and equipment all over the apartment
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Jacuzzi in the bathroom
  • Spectacular mountain view!
  • Terrace 14 m².

The residential compound is built on the coast of the Mediterranean, in a most picturesque district of Antalya – Konyaalti. Not far from the residential compound, there are shopping centres, bars and restaurant.

A Penthouse in Konyaalti


A Paradise Nest

79,500 S: 51 m² 1 bedroom + a studio 1 km to sea

  • Kitchen fittings
  • Panoramic glazing in the studio
  • Cosy terrace
  • Spacious and light rooms
  • Internet connection

Modern construction of residential compounds in Turkey is so arranged that the life of would-be apartment owners can be comfortable and happy.

A Paradise Nest


A White Pearl

83,100 S: 65 m² 2 bedrooms + a studio 1 km to sea

  • Mountains and swimming-pool view
  • Double bedrooms
  • Parquet floors
  • Satellite TV
  • Kitchen set
  • Spacious and light

If you are attracted to the romantic and exotic Turkish nature, you must settle down in this compound. Just imagine: waking up in the morning, you will be able to observe the proud, majestic beauty of the Toros Mountains right from the window of your own apartment!

A White Pearl


A Family Penthouse

91,200 S: 105 m² 2 bedrooms + a studio > 1 km to sea

  • Fully furnished
  • Two bathrooms
  • Light interior
  • In-built household appliances
  • Panoramic windows
  • Video intercom

Thanks to the CCTV system and reliable security service the compound enjoys 24 hours a day, all members of your family will feel absolutely safe there.

A Family Penthouse


An Oriental Fairy-Tale

102,000 S: 85 m² 2 bedrooms + a studio 0.7 km to sea

  • Panoramic windows
  • Facing the swimming-pool
  • Individual design
  • Decorative ceiling
  • Ceiling lighting

Buying an apartment in Antalya, you will present yourself with an opportunity to look at magnificent landscapes every day, breathing the reviviscent Mediterranean air.

An Oriental Fairy-Tale


A Two-Storey Apartment

109,200 S: 87 m² 2 bedrooms + a studio 1 km to sea

  • Terrace over the swimming-pool
  • Picturesque views
  • Elite household appliances
  • Two bathrooms
  • Two full floors
  • Satellite TV
  • Free internet

Buying housing in a resort area, one often has a key condition: picturesque and exotic nature around.

A Two-Storey Apartment


A Penthouse with SPA

119,760 S: 101 m² 3 bedrooms + a studio 1 km to sea

  • Two-storey apartment
  • Frontal mountain view
  • Big open terrace
  • High-quality European-style decoration
  • Equipped with household appliances
  • Free scope to your imagination

It is worth buying an apartment in this compound at least because it has a most magnificent location – right at the mountains, the unique ambience of which covers the entire vicinity.

A Penthouse with SPA
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