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8 steps
to your own real estate in Turkey

Have you been thinking of a worthwhile capital investment by buying real estate? Do you want to buy housing for rest in Turkey?

We will make your thoughts and wishes come true!

Follow us, and we will take you to the threshold of your own house in Turkey.

PurposeStep 1. Specify the purpose of your purchase.

For instance, if you want to buy housing for permanent residence in Turkey, it will be essential for you to have department stores, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc. nearby. And if you are choosing an apartment for rest, you will certainly be interested to find out how far it is from the beach.

Step 2. Choose the property to purchase at our website

Our online tour – a panoramic photograph using which you will see the apartment or the house all around, viewing the details of the property from the inside – will help you make the right choice. In addition, our website offers you a detailed description of each property we are selling, with the list of its major parameters.

LearnStep 3. Contact us

You can phone to the Moscow or Turkish representative office of our agency, a Russian-speaking manager will answer and offer you an appointment in the Moscow/Antalya office for discussion of all the matters and qualified help in buying the real estate.

Step 4. Visit the property of your interest

We will arrange a free trip to Turkey for you, on account of your future purchase of the property: you will make a deposit of €1000 which will be deducted from the total cost of the property when you buy it.

We can also arrange a trip at your expense, facilitating the purchase of tickets and the hotel reservation. In this case you can do without the deposit.

In the airport, you will be met by a representative of our agency and taken to the hotel, and then they will arrange a showing of the property/properties you have chosen.

Make a purchaseеStep 5. Make a purchase and sale agreement.

Once you make your final choice, you will make an agreement directly in the Turkish office, having contemplated the terms and amounts of payments in advance.

You can also make an agreement in our Moscow office, if you finally decide on the purchase only upon your arrival in Russia.

Step 6. Make the first instalment

The amount of the first instalment (prepayment) is, as a rule, determined by the developer, however, it will be at least 30% of the full cost of the housing. You can make cash payment in our Moscow or Turkish office, or pay cashless, crediting the money to the company account. All further instalments shall be made according to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, advantageous for both parties.

Step 7. Take ownership.

Buying the local real estate, you will automatically be authorized for a residence permit in Turkey, upon delivery of all the relevant documents to us. After Once the Turkish residence permit is issued, given compliance with all the legal requirements, you will obtain the TAPU - the state certificate of registration of your ownership right in a particular property in Turkey, which is the only document confirming this right.

Step 8. Own the property you have purchased.

Feel free to ask for our help in solving the following matters: buying furniture, connection to water, electricity and gas supply, the telephone and the Internet; buying airline tickets for further purchases, buying travel vouchers, buying and renting cars and/or yachts. In addition, we will render services on renting out your property and managing it in your absence, your housing cleaning services before your arrival; we will arrange a transfer which will always be on time to take you from the airport, and also offer other services connected with life and rest in Turkey.

Additional information

Telephone in Moscow: +7 (495) 545 4703;
Telephone in Turkey: +90 533 478292.


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