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Turkish Riviera

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  • Studio

  • 1st bedroom

  • 2nd bedroom

  • Nursery

  • Second floor room

  • Balconies

  • Bathroom and toilet facilities

Villa details

Total area: 279 m²

4 Total area + 2 studios

€ 420,000

  • Fully furnished
  • Exclusive interior design
  • 3 full floors
  • Covered terrace with a bar
  • Nursery
  • Satellite TV
  • Gas heating
  • Necessary equipment
  • Fireplace room
  • Jacuzzi in a bathroom
  • Spacious balcony
  • 4 bathrooms
  • Central security system

The grandeur of this villa boggles the imagination and literally makes you speechless. The housing is similar to the majestic chambers of the Turkish sultan. The chic interior has been based on an exclusive interior design; every detail is carefully thought-out; the rooms are finished in one and the same oriental style. The exquisite chandeliers with glass candles have the shine of luxury, their golden light resonates with the wallpaper ornaments; the softest carpets, sofas and beds attenuate extra noises, and graceful calm and magical cosiness come to reign in the house.

Numerous are the wonders you will discover in this big, spacious house! Apart from the studio and four bedrooms, one of which is for children, there are as many as 4 bathrooms, a balcony and a covered terrace with a bar. You will find a Jacuzzi in one of the bathrooms. The life in this three-storey villa will resemble reading the stories of “A Thousand And One Night”: each room has its own line with fantastic details.

Additional information at request

Moscow telephone: +7 (495) 545 4703

Turkey telephone: +90 533 478292

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