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Turkish Riviera

# 1 in our catalogue

# 2 — Edelweiss


Territory details

  • Your own swimming-pool
  • Landscaping
  • Barbeque zone
  • Proximity to mountains
  • Street lighting

On becoming the owner of this luxurious villa, you will enjoy not only the beauty and perfection of the interior decoration of the premises; at least the same aesthetic pleasure you will have watching the magnificent garden all around your villa. The rich palette of colours, soft luring fragrances of mysterious flowers will wake your imagination up, as well as all your senses. And at night, in the gentle light of lanterns and serene twinkling of bright oriental stars all this natural grandeur will strike up in an entirely new manner, familiarizing you with the weird world of the Turkish nature in the night, generously giving you new feelings.

Additional information at request

Moscow telephone: +7 (495) 545 4703

Turkey telephone: +90 533 478292


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